"Voronezhskiy" Business Service Center


The Business Service Center in Voronezh is accessible both by public transport and by car, with parking facilities available. This is a place where Amway Business Owners can purchase high-quality products, set up business meetings, attend Amway Academy training sessions and find all of the information required in this region. The center also houses an Amway sales office, where Amway managers conduct their business activities.

Our training room – equipped with a projector and showcases of Amway products – is a perfect place for any kind of presentation or business training session. Here you can attend many of the Amway events or organise your own. If you wish to meet with a business partner, we recommend using our separate meeting room.

Have a look at our Amway product areas – with the special displays, screens and literature you can learn about the majority of Amway products and feel confident promoting them further.

Feel free also to use free Wi-Fi access in the ABO area – here, with the help of your smartphone or laptop, you can perform your online work with ease.

For Amway Diamonds, we have arranged the special Diamond Room. This is a comfortable space in which they can work on their mobile devices. With a coffee machine as well as a hot and cold water dispenser available, it is also a perfect place to take a break.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff with any inquiries.

Drop by and enjoy the Voronezh Business Service Center!


54 Plekhanovskaya st.

394000 Voronezh, Russia

Tel: +7 (4732) 28-13-98

Fax: +7 (4732) 28-13-96


Opening hours

Wed-Sun: 12:00-20:00

(except 1 Day of a Month)