Product Selection Center

WELCOME                                                                                      TO THE PRODUCT SELECTION CENTER IN LVIV!

Our Lviv center is a site dedicated to the business needs and operations of ABOs. It is easy to reach by car with parking widely available.

To help you succeed in achieving your business goals, the center offers an ample presentation of the majority of Amway brands and product sales services. You can purchase Amway products on the spot from our store or pick up those pre-ordered.

Our co-working area and coffee corner are here to allow you to set up your business meetings as well as check on your daily business results.

This means your clients can be consulted in a professional, yet friendly environment, while you have access to all of the Amway products and information.

To make a visit to the center even more convenient, the site is equipped with lockers in which you can store your belongings.

Visit us at the Product Selection Center in Lviv!


Str. Shevchenka, 111-A,

79039 Lviv, Ukraine 

Tel: (032) 244 21 32

Fax (032) 244 21 32


Opening hours

Tue-Sat: 12:00-20:00