Amway Business Center

to the Amway BUSINESS Center Barcelona!

Since July 2016, Amway Spain has a new Amway Business Center in Barcelona. Very centrally located, at the heart of lively shopping streets, this convenient center of 208 m2 offers a full range of services to Amway Independent Business Owners. The products of  Amway brands - with key focus on Artistry and Nutrilite - are showcased and can even be purchased on spot. Not only ABos but as well customers will be welcome and served by our professional team and informed about the great Business Opportunity as well as the latest product launches. This center offers a great professional space for business discussions as well as key product experience. Business owners are very welcome to use the co-working area or even to book the various meeting rooms for an evening training - 2 of them are at disposal offering space for up to 14 people with a hich tech technical equipment.


Amway Business Center Spain

Via Augusta 22

08006 Barcelona


Tel +34 934 794 111


Opening Hours:

tuesday-friday: 13:30 - 21:00

saturday: 11:00 - 18:00

monday and sunday closed