Amway Business Center

Amway Business Center Milano is located in “Zona 9”, Milano, - a very innovative and developing area of Milano. With the new “trend Area” to one side, and Corso Como to the other side, we have all benefits of Milano as neighbours.

On around 400m2 we prepared for you retail space, training and meeting rooms as well as the business working area to support you in all aspects of business life with Amway.

In the center there are presented majority of the 450-product range with the key focus on our prestigious brands Artistry and Nutrilite. You can find out about products, try out Artistry in a specially developed make up/ beauty area and acquire them directly or online.

The business working area provides space for over 30 people and on top of wireless internet connection there are free of charge digital tools for your disposal.

Our conference rooms are ready to welcome guests and can be booked via telephone or center's email address. The rooms are equipped with full Audio visual equipment for your convenience.

The team of Milano’s Amway Business Center is here to support your daily activities.

Come and visit the Amway Business Center - Milano!


Amway Business Center Milano

Via Marco Polo 9

20124 Milano, Italy

Tel.: +39 02 9046 3600



Opening hours

Monday- Sunday: 14:00 - 21:30